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Frequently Asked Questions 

What can I talk about in counselling?

As a client you are free to  discuss whatever you wish, this may be feelings you have been experiencing, dilemmas or memories. During your sessions I, as a person centred counsellor, will never lead you into talking about anything that you feel is too uncomfortable to talk about. I will also never have a plan for how a session will work as I prefer client’s to lead the session so you can talk about anything that you feel is most important to you. I believe counselling should be a safe place for you to feel you can talk about anything without fear or feeling judged.

How long will counselling last?

Each session will be 50 minutes long and will occur every week until you feel you no longer need any more sessions. We will review our counselling on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the most from your sessions.

How often will sessions be?

I will offer weekly sessions as counselling is most beneficial when accessed on a weekly basis. However I understand that there are many challenges sometimes to attending on a weekly basis, so during your initial session we can discuss this.

Will counselling sessions be confidential?

Yes all our sessions together will be confidential, The only exception to this would be if you pose a danger to yourself or someone else, in which case the relevant parties will be informed. This will be discussed in more detail with you during your first session. 

Can I talk to my counsellor between session?

I will not be available between our weekly sessions. But if you are experiencing a crisis then please ring NHS on 111 or alternatively you can talk to someone at the Samaritans on 116 123

Why do I have to give my GP and next of kin details?

In the unlikely event you had a medical emergency such as a physical or emotional concern; I will always ask for your permission before I make any contact with either your GP or next of kin. 

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