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About Us

Hi, I'm Abbie, the Head of Counselling at HCP. I have extensive knowledge of working with adults in a number of different settings. I volunteer at the Leicester Counselling Centre for the past 4 years, which has allowed me to strengthen my skills as a counsellor. Here I have had the privilege of helping clients with a wide variety of issues that clients have brought to sessions. This has ranged from complicated grief, work related stress, depression, suicide and family issues to name a few. 

I have gained vast experience of working in educational settings. This has included working in a college counselling young people between the ages of 16-19 yrs old. Here I offered brief counselling (6 sessions) to young people who needed a space to talk through personal issues and worries.  Through working at this setting I was able to broaden my experience of working with a vast variety of cultures and the issues it can bring for clients.

I also work in an inner city primary school, which once again has enhanced my understanding and experience of working with clients from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Working at this setting I still apply my knowledge and expertise of person centered counselling, but will also implement my skills and knowledge of play therapy, which includes the use of play doh, toys and stories to help children discuss and explore their feelings and concerns. 

I apply all the knowledge I have learnt and gained from the different counselling settings to enhance my skills as a counsellor in my own private practice. Within private practice I feel there is more freedom to my counselling, as I can offer unlimited sessions to my clients as well as being flexible in allowing clients to choose when and where they would like their sessions to be held. 

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The way we work with you...

About me

Traveling in Nature

As a person centred counsellor I will travel with you on your journey into discovering who you are; as well as exploring feelings that may have been neglected or are too painful to explore by yourself.


Sometimes just having someone by our side, listening and reflecting our feelings can make a huge difference in overcoming any worries or dilemmas we can face in our lifetime.

On this journey together I will help you gain better self-understanding as well as helping you to acknowledge and deal with feelings of insecurity and guilt.

With Person Centred counselling I will never tell you what to do when faced with life’s problems or issues; but I will explore with you in a safe, accepting environment to enable you to work out the best way forward.

Our Services

We offer two services to best suit your needs:

1) Online consultation

2) Face to face appointments in our Hinckley office

If you have any questions about our services or how we could help you please get in touch or alternatively please book one of our Free Online Consultations, at a time that suits you, where we can help discuss how we could assist you.

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